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chefs special FROM 12 - 15 january 2023

If the craving for flavorsome Thai food hits, don’t miss this week’s “Taste of Thailand” Special Menu at the award- winning restaurant located in Sofitel Downtown. 

From flavours that pop from the fresh ingredients, combined seemingly to create a true Thai experience that will satisfy the hankering.

Thai cuisine is known for its herbal and rich flavours, while using several methods of cooking such as Tom (boiling), Yam (spicy salads), Tam (pounding), Gaeng (curries), Yang (grilling), Tod (deep-frying), Pad (stir-frying) and Neung (steaming).  

Dishes on the menu span from hot appetizers, soup, beef, seafood, and desserts. Classic and popular dishes include Seafood tom yum, Chiang mai red curry, Phuket island hamachi, crispy coconut shrimp, A5 wagyu steak, tom yum rice hot pot and more. 

Desserts include sticky mango rice pudding– perfect to cool down your palate. 


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