Mixology Madness Masterclass



Mix cocktails or mocktails like a pro!

In this 1-hour experience, you will learn about the importance of each of the ingredients and how to make a balanced beverage. Participants will concoct 2 cocktails or mocktails each, learn the origins and popular brands of spirits, and of course, get to taste your unique drink creations!

This class can be a great evening for one or the perfect date for couples! You can also book this class with your friends, for a hen party or with colleagues to learn the art of mixology and later chill out over drinks.

You can choose to make TWO of the following per person (alcoholic or non-alcoholic):

  • chinthe: passion fruit rum, pineapple, wakame raspberry liqueur
  • don corleone: hennessey vs, martini rosso, orange, pineapple juice
  • silver monkey: bombay gin, elderflower, pineapple juice
  • lychee-tini: vodka, lychee juice, lychee liqueur
  • the bahamas: rum, kumquat, lime, mint, orange sour
  • hokkaido negroni: choya, campari, japanese whisky, martini rosso
  • velvet sling: vodka, blackberry, raspberry, apple juice
  • duro manhattan: bourbon whiskey, port wine, angostura bitters
  • wasabi cucumber cooler: gin, cucumber, cointreu, wasabi, soda
  • wakame mary: vodka, tomato, tobasco, pepper, soya yuzu
  • mist & shadow: sake, prosecco, fresh passion fruit
  • passion fruit bellini: prosecco, passion fruit nectar
  • yuzu rusty nail: scotch, drambuie, chocolate bitter, yuzu peel
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