Valentine's Day Delight at Wakame

Embark on a captivating Valentine’s Day experience at Wakame as you and your loved one revel in our exclusive 6-course specials designed for two. Choose between our enticing non-vegetarian option at AED 500 for two or the equally delightful vegetarian alternative at AED 400 for two.

Immerse yourselves in a culinary journey that unfolds with the delicate flavors of Oyster Tempura, leading to the sumptuous Lobster Tian and the delectable Butter-Poached Scallop. Delight in the Robata Japanese Steak, perfectly prepared to tantalize your taste buds, and conclude your dining escapade on a sweet note with the indulgent Japanese Chocolate Fondue.

Elevate your celebration with the pinnacle of culinary excellence at Wakame. Secure your spot for this intimate dining experience by reserving your table now. 

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